CWA Statement on Public Financing of Elections and State of the State Address

The following statement can be attributed to Chris Shelton, District 1 Vice President of the Communications Workers of America:

We commend Governor Cuomo's call to give all New Yorkers an equally important voice in the political process. Like the Governor, we believe that public financing of New York elections will help level the playing field for all candidates and ensure our members' votes matter and their voices are heard. Enacting reform this year will be a enormous step towards removing the many blocks keeping average citizens from participating fully in our Democracy.

Over the coming weeks and months, CWA Members in New York and nationwide will be fighting back against the money in politics that is destroying our democracy; contacting their legislators and demanding reform at the federal and state levels. Corporations are not people, and should not be afforded the opportunity to manipulate the political process in their favor against the interests of middle-class Americans. We hope other leaders will follow Governor Cuomo's bold example and propose similar measures.

Contact: Dan Levitan (646) 200-5315