Graduate Student Fee Waiver

The Facts

  • SUNY employs ~5,000 graduate workers who teach, grade papers, and/or conduct laboratory research; CWA 1104 represents them.

  • All SUNY Graduate Assistants must pay mandatory fees.

  • For a Graduate Assistant engaged in full-time coursework, the average fees exceed $2,000 a year; the average stipend is $15,000.

  • On average, a Graduate Assistant pays 14%-25% of their salary back to the university in order to work.

  • Fees are effectively an employer-levied tax on income and constitutes a "pay-to-work" system in which Graduate Assistants are being charged for the maintenance and upkeep of the the workplace.

  • As higher education funding has declined, fees have increased as a mechanism to compensate for loss of funding.


2020 Bill and Materials

Assembly Bill (A.7241 Pichardo) / Senate Bill (S.3916 Stavisky)

Memo of Support

Frequently Asked Questions


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