Action Alert! Tell Gov. Cuomo: All New Yorkers Need Affordable Broadband Access​


As COVID-19 has moved much of our lives online, the importance of access to universal, high-speed, affordable broadband has never been clearer. Six months ago, the New York State Legislature overwhelmingly passed the Broadband Data Collection Bill (A.6679/S.5696), which requires the State to study the availability of broadband access throughout the state, because they know that broadband access is vital to all New Yorkers. But it still hasn't been signed into law by Governor Cuomo.

New York’s broadband maps simply do not have the detailed information needed to determine exactly where and why hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers cannot obtain high-speed, affordable broadband. In order to better understand the problem, our Broadband Data Collection bill would require the Public Service Commission to collect more accurate data to assess who has and does not have access to affordable broadband. Accurate broadband mapping is a needed first step in closing the digital divide - and potentially creating more work for CWA members to hook up unserved or underserved New Yorkers.

Take two minutes to email Gov. Cuomo to urge him to sign our Broadband Data Collection bill and help bring affordable broadband access to all New Yorkers!

After you send an email, call 1-855-979-3344 to leave a message for Gov. Cuomo, urging him to sign the bill. Follow the prompts to leave a message. You can say:

Every New Yorker deserves high-speed broadband access and the first step is getting an accurate picture of who does or doesn’t have it now. I urge you to sign the Broadband Data Collection bill today!