CWA Strong. Union Strong.

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled today that public sector union members can refuse to pay their fair share of the costs of union representation. While the plaintiff in the Janus v AFSCME case claimed it was about freedom of speech, we know that the network of billionaires who funded the case did so with the goal of undermining unions across the country.  Their goal is to erode workers’ ability to join together to fight for better wages, benefits, and public services. It’s the latest step in Corporate America’s plan to destroy the labor movement.

But they don't know who they’re up against.

“Working people know that the most powerful resource we have is our unity and our commitment to fighting back,” said CWA District 1 Vice President Dennis Trainor. “We’ve seen that power on display in every strike, every picket line, every contract we’ve won. It’s why Corporate America throws every tactic they can think of at us to try to destroy us - because they know how powerful we really are, and they’re scared.”

When public sector workers belong to strong unions, they fight to strengthen the public services that our communities depend on; for equipment, training, and workplace standards that saves lives; and for living wages that raise the standards for all workers and build a strong middle class. And when union membership is high, entire communities enjoy higher wages. Study after study after study shows that high union density strengthens the economy for all - not just the top 1%.

We will not allow corporate special interests to destroy our freedom to join together to improve our pay, to speak up for our communities, and to improve our workplaces. This decision, on the last day of a Supreme Court session that has seen multiple infuriating rulings, is another blow against the democracy that unions have worked so hard to protect. But it also highlights how absolutely vital this year’s elections are. We have the power to fight back by sticking together in our union, and using our voices at the polls this November. We will not let corporate greed reduce our rights and take away the will of working people.

Together, we are CWA STRONG.