Huge congratulations to Bob Master, CWA District 1 Assistant to the Vice President, and Helen S. Jarrett, CWA Local 1180 Mobilization Coordinator and Executive Board Member, on being named two of this year’s “50 Over 50” in New York!

Helen S. Jarrett’s role at the Communications Workers of America Local 1180 consists of moving more than 9,000 union members “in different directions for numerous actions,” she says. A civil servant for 38 years and community activist for 25 years, Jarrett began her career in 1981 as an office aide at the NYPD. “One of the best parts of working at CWA Local 1180 is being able to meet, engage and interact with our members,” she says.


A seasoned union organizer who played a leading role in founding the Working Families Party, Bob Master told City and State he counts helping CWA win strikes against NYNEX in 1989 and against Verizon in 2016 among his proudest achievements. He has directed District 1's legislative, political and mobilization activity for over 30 years. "It has been an incredible privilege to spend this time working with the members and leaders of CWA. I feel incredibly lucky," he said.

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