CWAers Join IUE-CWA Members to Fight for Jobs

Over the weekend, CWA District 1 members rallied in support of our IUE-CWA sisters and brothers who are fighting to protect jobs! CWAers joined IUE-CWA members and community allies for rallies at Walmart stores across the country to call on the corporation to act immediately to prevent workers from losing 80 factory jobs.

LED light bulbs sold by Walmart are currently made by IUE-CWA workers at the GE-Savant Systems LLC lighting plant in Bucyrus, Ohio. However, GE has announced its intention to move its LED residential light bulb product line out of the facility to China, permanently laying off 80 workers, and putting the future of the plant, one of the last-standing residential lighting plants left in the USA, in jeopardy.

IUE-CWA International President Carl Kennebrew called on Walmart to tell the supplier to cancel its plans to outsource the 80 jobs.

Workers have launched an online petition in support of the campaign to save these factory jobs - click here to sign the petition!

Clockwise from top: 1109 members in Suffolk County, NY; 1120 members in Hudson Valley, NY; 1122 members braving a blizzard in Buffalo, NY