Discounted Daily News Subscriptions to Help Union Members

9 out of 10 Dogs prefer to bring you a union-made Newspaper... Ok we might have made that up. With the explosion of fake online news take a moment to consider supporting our Allied Printing Trades union sisters and brothers, like Sean Moyna who print the real news. 

"My name is Sean Moyna and I am a proud pressman and member of the Allied Printing Trades. My sisters and brothers and I have been printing The Daily News for more than (60) years. We are proud of the work we do for NY's hometown newspaper. We want to print the news for another 60 years, and we can with your support."

The Daily News is under new management, management that is interested in working with their members and proud to be union made. As part of that process they have brought back a labor beat reporter and *column to talk about the issues most important to working people and are offering a steep solidarity discount for union members and their family and friends.

Solidarity Discount - $7.50 Reduced To $1.99 A Week:

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If you are denied home delivery through the online form, please call 1-866-693-6911 and use code FL52 UNWK0199.

*On The Job articles can be found at

This should not be seen as an endorsement of the paper's content, but an opportunity for us to promote the good work of the union workers, while also offering a discount to our members interested in subscribing to the Daily News.