AT&T Members at Local 1298 Working Without a Contract Since Saturday Night.

AT&T members at CWA Local 1298 in Hamden, CT have been working without a contract since Saturday night.

Last week the bargaining team was hopeful a deal would be reached by expiration.

The company is demanding big concessions including cuts to health care healthcare, job security, and pensions. They are also demanding two-tier sick and healthcare for new hires.

What AT&T wants:

  • Increased Healthcare
  • Pension– No additional pay credits
  •  Eliminate Accident Disability and Cut Disability pay in half.
  •  Reduced Sick days
  • Reduce Excused work Days
  • Reduced Holidays
  • Reduce Employment security
  •  Eliminate Family Care Committee


What we are fighting for:

  •  Improving our employment security contract provisions and keeping a job guarantee.
  •  Making sure that every member is better off at the end of the contract than the beginning when wages, benefits etc. are all added up.
  •  Fighting for a secure retirement. This means both pension improvements and secure healthcare for current workers.
  •  Current Retiree Healthcare Discussions


Last week, CWA local 1298 members gathered near the State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection to rally in support of a fair contract. Many of these members are critical to the surveillance, maintenance and conversion of 911 services for the state of Connecticut as well as nationwide AT&T 911 services.


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