It's Primary Day in New York

Today's the day New Yorkers get to help decide who will be the next President of the United States.

There is no doubt Bernie walks the walk. Since we went on strike at Verizon last Wednesday, he has been standing right beside us on picket lines and at rallies.

Bernie joined us at a massive rally in Brooklyn, NY on the first day of the strike. Watch it here.

Here's what Bernie stands for :

  • Bernie has a detailed plan to make college education free by taxing Wall Street’s risky speculative gambling practices.
  • Bernie has opposed every bad outsourcing trade deal he’s faced since first being elected into office.
  • Bernie strongly supports our right to collectively bargain and form a union. In solidarity, he has picketed alongside members fighting corporate greed at Fair Point and Verizon.
  • Bernie supports an increase in the minimum-wage to $15/hour, and strongly argues that employees should earn equal pay for equal work – regardless of gender.
  • Bernie supports public elections that remove the influence of large, secret or corporate donations on out elections. He leads by example as the only Democratic candidate to not use a corporate-funded Super PAC.

Find your polling location here.

Poll hours:
In New York City and the counties of Erie, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Orange, Rockland and Putnam, POLLS OPEN at 6 AM and CLOSE at 9 PM.
In all other counties POLLS OPEN at 12 NOON and CLOSE at 9 PM