Join CWA Members Throughout District 1 to Help Elect PRo-Worker Candidates Up and Down the Ballot

With just over two weeks to go before Election Day, we're phonebanking four days per week now:

We've had an amazing turnout for our Tuesday Biden/Harris phonebanks, and we need to keep that energy and momentum up for our Wednesday/Thursday Downballot Campaign phonebanks too - Congress, Senate, and State Representatives have a huge and direct impact on our day-to-day lives and our union rights. It's critically important that we do everything we can to elect down-ballot candidates who stand with us.

As just one example of the direct impact State races have on workers: in New York, we spent years fighting for the NY Call Center Jobs Act to protect our call center members and stop job outsourcing, only to be stopped again and again by the anti-worker NY State Senate majority. In 2018 CWAers went all out to successfully flip the Senate and help elect a new majority that stands with workers - and less than one year later, they passed the NY Call Center Jobs Act (along with a mountain of other pro-worker legislation).

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