Keep New York's call-center jobs in New York, where they belong

Revoke state subsidies and contracts of companies that outsource

(Written by Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal for Crain's New York. Click here for full op-ed.)

The practice of New York subsidizing corporations that destroy good, middle-class jobs must end. It feels silly to have to say that, but sadly I do.

Outsourcing good-paying New York jobs is the ultimate “lose-lose” scenario for everyone involved, except the corporations. While they cut jobs and use tax incentives to line their pockets, families and communities across the country are devastated and foreign workers are exploited (some earn as little as $2 dollars an hour).

Over the last 12 years New York has lost nearly 40,000 call-center jobs because major corporations decided to ship them away. The positions weren’t moved because call centers were outdated, but rather because billionaire CEOs wanted to cut costs at the expense of hardworking New Yorkers and their families.

It is urgent that New York pass legislation to protect call center jobs this year—before our communities see even more shipped away. I have introduced legislation, the New York State Call Center Jobs Act, to do just that. It would protect New York's middle class and ensure that corporations are not rewarded with tax breaks for moving solid, middle-class jobs out of state.