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CWA: Republicans Following Corporate Demands on 'Right to Work'

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Washington, D.C. -- Following is a statement by the Communications Workers of America on the introduction of so-called “right to work” legislation by Congressional Republicans:

In introducing so-called “right to work” legislation, Republicans in Congress didn’t waste any time doing the bidding of corporate interests who have plotted for years to weaken the collective bargaining rights of working people.

“Right to work” doesn’t create jobs. It doesn’t improve economic development. It does result in lower wages – 3.1 percent lower, according to the Economic Policy Institute –and fewer benefits for working people. It weakens workers’ ability to join together and bargain collectively with their employer.

Instead of looking to weaken workers’ rights, Republicans would do better to pursue an economic agenda that brings back good jobs from overseas, helps build our communities and improves the standard of living for ordinary people. That’s the kind of help working people really want.

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