2019 Election Endorsements - New York

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Long Island

Suffolk County

  • Suffolk Count Executive:     Steve Bellone
  • Legislative District 1:           Al Krupski
  • Legislative District 2:           Bridget Fleming
  • Legislative District 3:           Rudy Sunderman
  • Legislative District 4:           Tom Muratore
  • Legislative District 5:           Kara Hahn
  • Legislative District 6:           Sarah Anker
  • Legislative District 7:           Rob Calarco
  • Legislative District 8:           Bill Lindsay
  • Legislative District 9:           Sam Gonzalez
  • Legislative District 10:         Tom Cilmi
  • Legislative District 11:         Joe McDermott
  • Legislative District 12:         Leslie Kennedy
  • Legislative District 13:         Jan Singer
  • Legislative District 14:         Kevin McCaffrey
  • Legislative District 15:         DuWayne Gregory
  • Legislative District 16:         Sue Berland
  • Legislative District 17:         Tom Donnelly
  • Legislative District 18:         William Spencer

Town of Babylon

  • Town Council:        Terence McSweeney  |  Jacqueline Gordon

Town of Huntington

  • Clerk:                       Andrew Raia
  • Town Council:         Kathleen Cleary  |  Joan Cergol

Town of Islip

  • Supervisor:         Tom Murray
  • Clerk:                  Joseph Fritz
  • Town Council:    Leigh-Ann Barde  |  Jorge Guadron

Town of Brookhaven

  • Supervisor:                                 Ed Romaine
  • Highway Superintendent:         Anthony Portesy
  • Town Council
    • Valerie Cartright
    • Kevin LaValle
    • Cheryl Felice
    • Neil Foley
    • Dan Panico
  • Receiver of Taxes:                     Dom Pascual

Town of Riverhead

  • Supervisor:              Laura Jens-Smith
  • Clerk:                       Diane Wilhelm
  • Town Council:         Diane Tucci  |  Patricia Snyder

Town of Southampton

  • Supervisor:         Jay Schneiderman
  • Town Council:    John Bouvier  |  Craig Catalanotto

Nassau County

  • District Attorney:                Madeline Singas                    
  • Legislative District 1:         Kevan Abrahams                   
  • Legislative District 2:         Siela Bynoe                            
  • Legislative District 3:         Carrie Solages                        
  • Legislative District 5:         Debra Mule                            
  • Legislative District 8:         Barbara Hafner                      
  • Legislative District 9:         Richard Nicolello                   
  • Legislative District 10:       Ellen Birnbaum                     
  • Legislative District 11:       Delia DeRiggi-Whitton          
  • Legislative District 12:       James Kennedy                      
  • Legislative District 13:       Thomas McKevitt                  
  • Legislative District 14:       Laura Schaefer                       
  • Legislative District 16:       Arnold Drucker                     
  • Legislative District 17:       Allen Foley                             
  • Legislative District 18:       Josh Lafazan   

Town of Hempstead

  • Town Supervisor:                 Laura Gillen
  • 2ndCouncil District:            Thomas Tweedy
  • 3rdCouncil District:             Shari Renne James
  • 5thCouncil District:              Lora Webster
  • Town Clerk:                          Sylvia Cabana

Town of North Hempstead

  • Town Supervisor:               Judi Bosworth
  • 2ndCouncil District:            Peter Zuckerman
  • 4thCouncil District:             Veronica Lurvey
  • 6thCouncil District:             Mariann Dalimonte

Town of Oyster Bay

  • Town Supervisor:        Joe Saladino
  • Town Council:             Vicki Walsh
  • Town Council:             Melissa McCardle
  • Town Council:             Erin Guida                  

City of Glen Cove

  • Mayor:                  Tim Tenke
  • City Council:        Marsha Silverman
  • City Council:        Rocco Totino
  • City Council:        Gaitley Stevenson-Matthews
  • City Council:        Eve Lupenko-Ferrante
  • City Council:        Danielle Fugazy-Scagliola


New York City

  • Public Advocate:                     Jumaane Williams
  • Queens District Attorney:      Melinda Katz
  • City Council District 45:        Farah Louis
  • Ballot #1:                                 YES on Ranked Choice Voting


Westchester County

  • County Legislator:        Ruth Walter
  • County Legislator:        Damon

Dutchess County

  • Legislator 4th District:        Hannah Black
  • Legislator 5th District:        Pam Kingsley 
  • Legislator 6th District:        Rebecca Edwards
  • Legislator 7th District:        Megan D’Allessandro
  • Legislator 14th District:      Francena Amparo

Onondaga County

  • County Comptroller:            Marty Masterpole
  • County Clerk:                        Mark A Kolinski
  • Legislator 2nd District:         Nodesia R Hernandez
  • Legislator 4th District:          Kathy Zabinski
  • Legislator 5th District:          Jessica M Bumpus
  • Legislator 8th District:          Christopher J Ryan (CWA Local 1123 President!)
  • Legislator 9th District:          Peggy Chase
  • Legislator 10th District:        Mark Matt
  • Legislator 15th District:        Bill Kinne
  • Legislator 16th District:        Vernon M Williams
  • Legislator 17th District:        Linda R Ervin

Monroe County

  • Monroe County Executive:                               Adam Bello
  • Monroe County Legislature 3rd District:        Marvin Stepherson 
  • Monroe County Legislature 5th District:        Terry Daniele
  • Monroe County Legislature 6th District:        Dan Maloney 
  • Monroe County Legislature 7th District:        Jim Leary
  • Monroe County Legislature 8th District:        Megan Thompson
  • Monroe County Legislature 9th District:        Catherine Dean
  • Monroe County Legislature 13th District:      Michael Yudelson
  • Monroe County Legislature 16th District:      Lorie Lachiusa Barnum
  • Monroe County Legislature 17th District:      Joe Morelle Jr. 
  • Monroe County Legislature 18th District:      John Baynes
  • Monroe County Legislature 20th District:      JW Cook
  • Monroe County Legislature 26th District:      Yversha Roman

Western NY 

Erie County 

  • Erie County Executive:                               Mark Poloncarz
  • Erie County Legislature 1st District:         Howard Johnson
  • Erie County Legislature 2nd District:        April Baskin
  • Erie County Legislature 3rd District:        Lisa Chimera
  • Erie County Legislature 4th District:         Kevin Hardwick 
  • Erie County Legislature 5th District:         Jeanne Vinal
  • Erie County Legislature 6th District:         William Freeman
  • Erie County Legislature 7th District:         Tim Meyers
  • Erie County Legislature 8th District:         John Bruso 
  • Erie County Legislature 9th District:         John Gilmour
  • Erie County Legislature 11th District:       Kate Eskew


  • Buffalo City Court Judge:          Lenora Foote-Bevers
  • State Supreme Court Judge:       Gerald Whalen
  • State Supreme Court Judge:       Diane Devlin

City of Buffalo 

  • Buffalo Common Council Filmore District:       Mitch Nowakowski
  • Buffalo Common Council Masten District:        Ulysees Wingo
  • Buffalo Common Council Niagara District:       David Rivera
  • Buffalo Common Council South District:          Chris Scanlon

Town of Amherst 

  • Amherst Town Council:       Deborah Bruch-Bucki
  • Amherst Town Council:       Mike Szukala

Town of Aurora 

  • Aurora Town Council:       Luke Wochensky

West Seneca 

  • West Seneca Town Supervisor:       Eugene Hart
  • West Seneca Town Council:            Nicole Herkey 
  • West Seneca Town Council:            Joe Cantafio
  • West Seneca Town Council:           William Bauer
  • West Seneca Town Clerk:               Amy Kobler

Town of Grand Island 

  • Town of Grand Island Supervisor:       Jim Sharpe
  • Town of Grand Island Council:            Jen Pusatier
  • Town of Grand Island Council:            Beverly Kinney

Town of Tonawanda 

  • Town of Tonawanda Supervisor:            Joseph Emminger
  • Town of Tonawanda Town Council:       Carl Szarek

Village of Kenmore

  • Village of Kenmore Mayor:        Pat Mang

Town of Hamburg

  • Hamburg Town Board:        Tom Best Jr.
  • Hamburg Town Clerk:        Cathy Rybczynski

Town of Orchard Park

  • Orchard Park Town Board:        Conor Flynn

Niagara County

  • Niagara County Legislature District 1:          Wendy Guild-Swearingen
  • Niagara County Legislature District 2:          Stephanie Kindzia
  • Niagara County Legislature District 3:          Mark Grozio
  • Niagara County Legislature District 5:           Chris Robins
  • Niagara County Legislature District 6:          Dennis Virtuoso
  • Niagara County Legislature District 7:          Erik Herbert
  • Niagara County Legislature District 10:        Trevor Ganshaw
  • Niagara County Legislature District 13:        Anita Mulane

City of Niagara Fall

  • Mayor of Niagara Falls:              Seth Piccirillo
  • Niagara Falls City Council:        Alicia Kenyon

City of Lockport

  • City of Lockport Mayor:        Michele Roman


  • Lockport Town Council:        Doug Nicholson

North Tonawanda

  • North Tonawanda City Council Ward 2:        Zachary Niemiec


  • Pendelton Town Council:        Amanda Irons-Rindfleisch


Southern Tier


  • Elmira Town Council:         Wendy Nichol