NY Legislative Agenda 2020

Broadband Data Collection & Mapping (A.6679 Ryan / S.5696 Metzger): In this day and age, everyone needs broadband – but not everyone in New York State has access. We need to understand better who has access to high speed internet and who does not. This legislation would require more accurate data collection to identify specific areas of New York State that are unserved or underserved by broadband. The bill is currently in the Senate Energy Committee (Chair Sen. Parker) and in the Assembly Corporations Committee (Chair AM Paulin).

Graduate Student Worker Fee Waiver (A.7241 Pichardo / S.3916 Stavisky): Currently, all SUNY Graduate Assistants must pay mandatory fees to their university, resulting in what amounts to a "pay-to-work" scenario for these workers. As higher education funding has declined, fees have increased as a mechanism to compensate for loss of funding. This bill would eliminate university fees for full- or half-time graduate student teaching or research assistants. 

TAP GAP:  This budget item would ensure affordable, high-quality education at SUNY and CUNY by closing the growing gap between the state Tuition Assistance Program funding for students and the actual cost of tuition.

Banning Captive Audience Meetings (S.6603 Ramos): Captive audience meetings are mandatory meetings often used in union-busting campaigns. This legislation would prevent employers from requiring employees to attend these mandatory meetings.

Pied-a-terre Tax (S.44 Hoylman / A.4540 Glick): This bill would create a minimal tax on second luxury condos in Manhattan worth $5 million dollars or more.

Expanding the Millionaire’s Tax: This would expand income brackets to ensure that high-income New Yorkers pay their “fair share” in taxes.

Public Banking: This bill would create banks owned by the state or a municipality. Instead of depositing public money in Wall Street banks, public banks provide a safe and responsible alternative to reinvest in the public good. Public banks are not driven by speculative gambling motives but by serving the people and the communities they live in.

Safe Staffing for Healthcare Workers (A.2954 Gunther / S.1032 Rivera): When nurses care for two to three times the patients they can safely manage, the research shows the chances of preventable death, hospital acquired infections, and adverse outcomes increase. CWA healthcare workers are calling on our legislators to guarantee hospitals and nursing homes have the staffing they need for quality care

Funding for CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies: CWA is one of the three founding unions of CUNY’s School of Labor and Urban Studies and its predecessor, The Murphy Institute. Since 1984, CWA Local 1180 has collaborated with CUNY’s labor program to offer higher educational opportunities to its members. The CWA 1180 Urban Leadership program is a special sequence of courses and projects for students in Urban or Labor Studies degree and certificate programs. It offers students opportunities for experiential and applied learning. In 2020, we will continue to fight to secure the necessary funding of $4.1 million for the hiring of faculty, the development of new programs, and an increase in student enrollment. 

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